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Gaming labour organisation ‘Game Workers Unite’ is calling for Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO Bobby Kotick following mass layoffs last week.

Seems like things are moving from bad to worse for the juggernaut games publisher. Earlier this year Activision Blizzard took a heavy blow with the announcement that Bungie was ripping up it’s roots and moving onto pastures anew. Statements from Activision Blizzard in the previous year described the sales of the then latest expansion, Forsaken, as disappointing – the publishers influence was clear, with loot boxes and microtransactions becoming a much heavier focus in the popular looter-shooter franchise, leading to it’s fan base becoming frustrated with the direction the series had taken. This, coupled with NetEase providing a large investment to Halo’s creators, Bungie, the writing was on the wall for all to see. Following the split, Activision Blizzard’s stock prices took a large hit, falling around 7% immediately following the announcement.
It’s clear that if Activision Blizzard wish to stay on the scene, a rethink of their current strategy is desperately needed. Players are becoming much less tolerant of microtransactions in full priced, triple A releases. You only have to look at what happened with EA and Battlefront II.
Worth noting, Activision Blizzard boasted a net revenue of $2.38 billion last quarter, overachieving on their initial target of $2.24 Billion. Added to the fire is reported salary of Bobby Kotick being around $30 million annually, it’s clear to see why the outrage is present. This along with the recent announcement that around 775 employees would be losing their jobs shows that Game Workers Unite’s push on the situation is something that must receive attention.

We at Pipedream will be following the developments closely.
What’s your opinion on Game Workers Unite’s push for the sacking of Bobby Kotick? Let us know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading.
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