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Even though the initial release date for Day’s Gone was delayed, it’s still just around the corner, so let’s refresh our memories on this survival horror action adventure game.
It’s been a long wait since they announced Days gone at E3 2016, but with the release set for the 26th of April the excitement is beginning to brew. You are playing as Deacon St. John (Sam Witwer), a bounty hunter in a newly apocalyptic world, who prefers the drifter lifestyle more than settling in a colony. It’s been two years since a global pandemic hit the world killing and turning most of humanity into freakers (zombies) that seem to be evolving at a rapid pace.
Days gone is a single player story driven game in which you will have to face multiple enemies that want to kill you at any opportunity, from two types of freakers known as Newts and hordes to infected bears, infected wolves and even other humans. You can choose to kill these enemies in several ways, like the old classic sneaky stealth tactic, in their personal space with a close range melee weapon, or, from a distance if you don’t want to get blood on your biker threads.
If you ever played Dying Light you will remember that night time was a horrific experience compared to the day time, well in Days Gone, it seems like a similar situation, with freakers becoming a lot more aggressive at night but slower and weaker in the day. The day and night cycle are not the only changes to contend with, the weather is also a factor that must be considered, so be prepared to get wet at times.
Deacon’s main means of transportation is his bike and it will play a big part throughout the game as you travel around the open world map. You will be able to modify your bike over time, increasing the speed of the bike as well as maneuverability, durability and visual customisation such as fuel tank, shroud etc.
Days gone is another great title that will be exclusive to playstation and, if you pre order, you will receive a theme for your PS4, enhancements to your bike and a drifter crossbow in game. If that is not enough for you then the Days gone collectors edition is available in a steel box with a statue, artbook, soundtrack, a patch and some digital extras.
Pre order price: £49.99
Digital deluxe price: £64.99
Collector’s edition price: £119.
If you enjoyed games like The Last Of Us and Dying Light then Days Gone could be your next zombie adventure to embark on. Thanks for reading and will catch you at the next one.
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