Pipe Dream

First of all, The fact you are even on this page means you believe in what we are doing here at Pipe Dream and we cannot thank you enough. When it came to making a donation page, we looked at the reasons why we should do it and if it would be both beneficial for our community and ourselves. We have come to the conclusion that donations allow us to focus the way we target our audience and allow for organic growth, without selling out or catering to things that maybe we do not believe in.
The definition of Pipedream is ‘an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme’, For us, this has always been said, whenever we mention doing something out of the norm or have tried to make something of ourselves that is outside of the realms of what people understand. Your donation today says two things, The first being a metaphorical middle finger to those who say we can’t do something or something is impossible. Everything can be achieved with hard work, dedication and empathy for those who want to go on the journey with you. The second is what it means to others out there, We see us as a beacon of hope to any normal person that has a dream and is told it cannot be done. We will make the moves and try and prove people wrong. Support like this allows us to continue doing what we are doing and show others what can be achieved.
This won’t be forgotten.
Thank you
Nothing is just a Pipe Dream.


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