Pipe Dream

With 2018 now behind us, it’s the perfect time to look back on some of the best indie games of the year that you may have missed. Here you will find a collection of amazing independent games that although didn’t have huge lumps of cash to throw around and an army of individuals to help make it, they will still give you hours of entertainment. The hard work and passion put in to creating these games far exceed a lot of the much bigger and well known games. So if you are scratching your head looking for a game to play or you have limited funds and need a game with a more reasonable price tag then this might be the place for you.
#1 Subnautica
Platforms: Xbone, PC, Mac, PS4
Price:  £12 – £25
In this open world survival game you are on a spaceship called aurora, sent to the planet known as 4546B in an attempt to scan the planet in search of  a lost ship called degasi that cashed some time ago. Upon arrival, your ship is struck and you find yourself crash landed on the planet as the lone survivor. As you can probably tell already this game is mostly underwater and it is undeniably beautiful, you see this beauty as soon as you leave your survival pod with the crashed ship floating in the sea and a stunning alien sky in front of you. When you submerge yourself in the water the beauty continues with vibrant colours and sea monsters and as you explore you will have to gather  resources to build a base, equipment to further explore the planet and of course food and water to keep yourself alive. Along the way you will un-puzzle the reason you are stranded on this planet and try find a way home. Why not take a dip and submerge yourself in this one?
#2 The Forest (PS4 Edition)
Platforms: PS4, PC
Price: £8.99
The forest has been out on the pc a few years now but only recently arrived on PS4, so for the console fans that have never heard of it, i have added it to the list. We jump straight into the action in this survival horror game as you are on a plane about to crash on an island, upon waking after the crash you are alone and must find your  missing son. This, in turns out, will not be an easy task, as you explore this island looking for clues you will encounter some very nasty cannibals that of course want to eat you. at this point you will have to dig up the bear grylls in you and find food and water to keep yourself alive, craft weapons to hunt or fight off those pesky cannibals and if you don’t care about your annoying son too much why not postpone the search and build an epic base to live in. This is without a doubt one of the best survival games i’ve played and it’s not very often i find myself genuinely freaked out, Add that to the fact that its multiplayer so you can experience it with up to 4 friends if you get to scared to play it alone. But clenching action at it’s finest!
#3 FAR: Lone Sails
Platforms: XBone, PC, Mac, PS4
Price: £11.39
FAR: Lone sails is a interestingly fun game played from a side scrolling perspective. You are travelling in a large steampunk vehicle that you have to control, find energy for, repair and  upgrade. Along your travels you will encounter a lot of obstacles and puzzles you must solve to continue on your very vague journey. This game has a unique and beautiful look to it and feels very fun and relaxing to play, while adding the feeling of being intrigued about the reason for journey you are taking. It’s the kind of game you can play if you feel like a bit of quiet time to yourself. Who dosen’t like a little alone time?
#4 Fe
Platforms: PC, Xbone, PS4, NSwitch
Price: £6.49
In this visually stunning game that’s full of vibrant colours, you control a fox like animal that connects to plants and creatures through song, it’s through these songs the creatures teach ‘Fe’ additional abilities to help find a path through the forest. The creatures of the forest are under attack from entities known as the silent ones that are threatening the wildlife and you must find the reason behind it. Part of the puzzle of ‘Fe’ is that it really doesn’t give you much direction through the game play, making for a much more rewarding experience when you figure it out. From climbing trees, gliding short distances, solving puzzles and communicating to the wildlife, this game is a warming and entertaining experience.
#5 Gris
Platforms: PC. NSwitch, Mac
Price: £13.49
You are playing as a girl named gris and wake in the palm of an old statue, the statue’s hand crumbles and you fall from a great height before landing in a colourless misty place. As you begin your journey, you will have to climb over rocks and through ancient collapsing buildings before coming across a pulsing light, Which in turn you will collect in order to unlock new abilities that will help you make your way through this platform action adventure game. Everything about the way this game looks, plays and feels is a breath of fresh air and the music throughout the game is nothing less than beautiful. This is the kind of game you would want to play after a stressful day at work to help you relax and lose your mind into the stunning world it offers.  
#6 Return of the Obra Dinn
Platforms: PC, Mac
Price: £15.49
Straight off the bat you can see this game is visually a bit different to most other games out there, with its 1-bit monochrome graphical style inspired by games on early Macintosh systems, With the result really being outstanding. In Return of the Obra Dinn, you play as an insurance adjuster in 1807, you have been sent to uncover the mystery of the Obra Dinn due to his disappearance back in 1802, Which then led to him washing up at a port with 60 other men who were presumed dead or missing. You must determine the fate of the crew by exploring the ship, using a book with drawings of the crew members and a pocket watch that plays back the moments before the person’s death. You will have to dig up your detective skills for this game and it will keep you very intrigued throughout the whole experience, it is without a doubt one of the best games of 2018 and i good final game to end on.
Thanks for reading through this post, We think its very clear by the titles mentioned above, that indie developers really do offer up something different than the big name players. Art style, Out of the box thinking and at times a risk free approach, really do make for games that last longer in your memory and allow for creativity never before thought possible. 
Out of everything in gaming these really do show that nothing is just a pipe dream. 
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