Pipe Dream

Let’s be honest, Sony’s Playstation 4 has performed extremely well, selling around 101 million units as well as  providing consistently great releases throughout its lifespan, aiding its longevity in this seventh console generation. Well, we are now rapidly approaching the twilight of the Playstation 4’s years. With the Playstation 5 just around the corner, this is a crucial time for Sony, as to maintain their dominance, progression and adaptation must be at the forefront of their efforts.
Looking at other gaming platforms, backwards compatibility is a long standing fan favourite – just look at Windows continued and sustained success. Gaming compatibility keeps pace with software and hardware upgrades, allowing for older titles to be enjoyed again, rather than left on a shelf, gathering dust. In the past, Sony has struggled with this, looking at the Playstation 2 to 3, the inbuilt emulation software was taxing on the system, causing the ‘fat’ Playstation 3’s to malfunction. Along with this, the complicated cell architecture of the Playstation 3, made backwards compatibility on the Playstation 4 a task too complex for Sony to achieve given the hardware available.
If Sony has considered this, and has indeed worked in Playstation 4 backwards compatibility with the Playstation 5, they will surely see continued success. The high quality titles are already there, gamers just need a way to play their favourite titles on their shiny new console.
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