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Although we are well on our way to building a back catalogue of 2019 memories, We at pipe dream thought it would be good to take a quick look back at the games we played in 2018. Instead of doing the stereotypical list of our top games, we are going to use our unique rating system to divide up the lists, giving you a personal perspective on how we think each game faired. This should be interesting, let’s get started.
So, first up, It’s time to see what title’s made it into our ‘Book a Week Off’ Category. Remember, these are games that we truly could not put down, so much so that we decided to sit in our underwear, eat fast food and get paid to be at home whilst living a life through our tv. Sounds deep, But all so true..
In no particular order, Let’s begin!
Red Dead 2 was long awaited by many and we were no different. The memories of horseback combat followed by gun fire as we took down strongholds single handed, viewing the sun set through the middle of crazy rock formations as the powerful soundtrack consumed us and let’s not forget, the donkey riding multiplayer, all strongly in our mind from Read Dead 1. It did not disappoint and hours and hours were spent enjoying this one. If you haven’t picked it up yet, then we highly recommend getting your hands on this one!
Farcry 5 came out of left field a little for us. Although we love the franchise, after primal it started to become a little repetitive and at times, underwhelming. But the promise of a full co-op play through of the main story and the setting of a civilized american state, we had to take a look and oh boy we were not disappointed. If you are looking for a solid co-op game to play with a story line that really gets you hooked, LOOK NO FURTHER. A must play if you have not already.. And remember, the new far cry continues the story of this one. What are you waiting for?
When God of war was announced the hype train well and truly passed through all gaming county’s with its riders full to the brim. When it dropped, the reviews came flooding in at the highest, highest level.. 10/10, Game of the year, Game of the decade, Best thing since sliced bread.. Although we feel it was a little over hyped, the game itself really is up there with the greats among history and if you haven’t already you should get this one asap. You don’t want to miss out on history when its current!
Four years this one was in development, the surrounding hype fully solidified with its movie franchise coming on leaps and bounds. Any marvel fan was willing to give this one a try and it did not disappoint, i actually think it’s fair to say it surpassed most expectations. The game received big praise for its story line, character progression, combat, and the cherry on the top, its web-swinging, ‘i am not booking an uber you can’t make me’, mechanics. We will go as far as saying that this might just be one of, if not the best superhero game out there right now. Swing by the shops and get your webs on this one. Before thanos returns and clicks his fingers one last time..
If you are just the slight bit familiar with Yoko Taro’s work, you’ll know why this sits within this prestigious category (what…booking a week off is a big deal, come on now). The sheer amount of content within this title is worth the price of admission alone, that’s without taking into account the masterfully composed soundtrack as well as the multi layered, rich narrative. The game’s simple and clean art style paired with its addictive, crunchy combat, will leave you not wanting to put the controller down. If you’re just a slight bit curious, give it go.
Next Up, Let’s have a look at what made it into our beloved ‘Pull A Sickie’ Category. This one is a special one across the board as there is no other feeling like it.. Sat on your choice of sofa or computer chair, time flying by as you sink yourself into a game so deeply that everything else around you becomes a blur, before you realize its 4 am and your alarm goes off at 6. Suddenly the cough, headache, stomach pains that you tell yourself were always there creep upon you as you write that message to your boss. The feeling of anticipation, waiting on that blue tick and typing message on your whatsapp, and then it lands. The confirmation of your sick day greeting you like a newborn child. Fast forward half an hour of bathroom shenanigans and food contemplation, and it begins again.. The game consumes you once again.
Now you may ask, but how does this differ from ‘Book a week off’? Good question jimmy.. This is a list of games that real managed to capture us in an evening but after a day or two started to die down. If something lasted longer than that, it would really cement itself into the top category. You know, Like a relationship that seems all good, the love making is great, they make you laugh, but after a couple of days, you are like.. Why, Why did i do this.. This can’t go on..
Uh.. Anyways, Lets wipe away the tears of that last message and get to the list!
Pirates.. Who hasn’t wanted to be a pirate at least once in their lifetime. Sea of thieves allows you to do that but its own unique, less serious approach. You would think that would take away from its overall experience, but we have to be honest, it adds to its charm. Whether it’s sailing the seven seas in search for a remote island to dig up buried treasure, Ship on Ship warfare with the whistles of cannon fire over your head or the hours of gunpowder fueled stronghold battles with the promise of great riches as a reward, you never ever get bored with sea of thieves. In fact, we keep going back just to scratch that pirate itch time and time again. This will make you forget about the hardship of real life and allow you to find your hidden captain hook!
Ah, Quantic Dream – the polarizing developer who continues to experiment with the boundaries of storytelling within our beloved medium. Detroit: Become Human takes cues from its predecessors, learning some valuable lessons which pushed it to, in my opinion, the best title Quantic Dream has currently released. The amount of choices within each ‘level’ is astounding, and, I know what you’re thinking, ‘I bet the choices don’t even matter’. Well, they sure do. The outcome of each level as well as the ending can change drastically depending on your actions throughout the game, so choose wisely. Whilst the narrative can fall prey to being predictable, the replayability as well as influence of the player make this one worth missing work for.
I’m sure this one flew under a fair few peoples radar. A Way Out utilises a dual screen, co-op approach to gameplay. I had my eye on this for a while, mainly due to the marketing push centered around only needing one copy per two people. This is a fantastic example of a developer caring much more about the end user experience over cold hard cash. The game itself is a fun experience if a little shallow. Players take control of either Vincent or Leo, two slick ricks serving their time in the big house. I won’t give away too much in regards to story, but, gameplay wise, players will find themselves completing stealth sections, action set pieces as well as somber chats with their partner in crime. If you’ve managed to grab a day off from the rat race, pull up a pew and settle in.
Now, Take a look at your game selection, Notice those games that are always there no matter what? The ones you purchase every year, The foundation setting titles that are always there to hug you at night when the other games don’t treat you right.. Those are the ‘frequent fallbacks’. Some may be there every year, some may be new additions, but there are alot of games out there that really solidify the reasoning behind why we love gaming. No matter the mood, the timescale or setting, there will always be a game to play. Let’s put a spotlight on those games and give them the love they deserve.. Or in some cases hide the fact that they are our guilty pleasures. Don’t judge us.. Please?
Divinity original sin 2 is an interesting one. We were very new to the genre when the game itself launched and if we are honest we didn’t know what to expect. Turn based combat and a slight top down view of the content took some getting used to. But after a while its charm really did start to shine through. The complex character customization offers something for even those seasoned genre players without being too overbearing for those newer players, The visuals kept us gripped at all points and the story itself, although hard to follow at times, really did a good job at immersing us into the world. This one is a little bit of a time sink and it does require a slight understanding before jumping in. But if you like what you see and haven’t tried something like this before, we more than recommend grabbing some friends and tackling this one together.
This one for us could of been one of the biggest newcomers in the rpg genre to date. Offering a unique, realistic style that gave us a chance to play a character that isn’t just the typical hero that burns everything in its path. You may ask then why is it in this section.. Well it failed to grip us. There is no doubt it is a game that offers an amazing amount of complexity and will cater to a lot of people out there in the gaming world. But at times it felt more of a chor than something we were playing for fun. That being said, we do keep going back when we are in the mood, so it shouldn’t be looked at as anything different than a great addition to anyone’s gaming catalogue.
Now, World of Warcraft might seem a little out of place in this list but it more than holds it own. Yes it’s an online mmo, but once the trial account grips you there is no going back. 7 years later you are still paying that subscription fee and purchasing every new expansion with the hopes of rekindling that nostalgic feeling that the beginning of your wow journey gave you. No matter when you started playing wow and no matter what your thoughts are on its current state, no one can debate the fact that it has a place in all its fans hearts, new and old, forever.
Now for some Party Favourites: 
As soon as we got our switch it was more than apparent that we needed at least one mario game to really get the full feeling of having a nintendo console. Mario was our go to guy and after getting mario kart and more recently mario party, he became a stalwart amongst pre-drink sessions or after noon time fillers. These games are perfect for getting multiple people involved and adding a different dimension to your gaming repertoire. A must have for any switch owner.
We have been playing soul calibur since its first console porting on the dreamcast in 1999. Where many have street fighter or tekken as there go to fighter, for some reason soul calibur gripped us and now we feel like we are cheating on it if we even look at another game in its genre. Whatever your poison in this genre of amazing fighter games, make sure you have at least one. There is nothing better than coming home from a hard days work and taking out your frustrations all over some characters face in the form of a crazy combo.
Last but not least, Some Honorable Mentions:
We don’t think you can have a list of frequent fallback games without having at least one sports game and one shooter at your disposal, for us call of duty and fifa always grace that list. Not pulling us in as much as they used to, we still fully recommend having at least one on these titles to help keep you warm on those quiet nights waiting for the next big title to drop.
Ah, the old ‘One Night Stand’, The thing we think is going to be great, we hype ourselves up for it, maybe even shave for it and then you end up next to a person you have never met before last night, banging headache, with a solid smell of regret all over you. Well, in gaming, its no different. How many games have we bought whilst riding in first class on the hype train, popcorn at the ready and as soon as we start playing it, the regret devours our dreams like a black hole on a planet. Of course, you continue playing for 5 hours, fueled by hope of the next hour really being the one that grips you.. But at the end of it all, you turn it off, cry yourself to sleep and dream about what else you could of spent that money on.. Below is our list of the dream crushers.. The ones, that to this day we hope may just make it back into the limelight.
P.s i promise you steam, i only played it for half hour, promise.
The Hype, Oh the Hype. The dreams of a online multiplayer fallout game, being able to finally experience the wasteland with friends, the biggest carrot to date in the gaming industry. But we come away from this one nothing but disappointed. A mixture of graphical glitches, laggy servers and a world that seemed more empty than ever before quickly put a stop to the hype train. That being said, it does become more fun when playing with friends, but it has a long, long way to go before it becomes the monster we all hoped it would. Try it if you like.. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.
So battlefield.. Always a decent competition for the others in this shooter genre, with its frostbite engine really offering something different. We don’t know if it’s just us but, is it getting a little stale for anyone else? I mean, on the whole it’s a solid game, the gameplay really does give us something new to experience but it really does nothing mind blowingly different to previous titles, other than change the environment, which makes spending money on it hard to justify. Some will like this one, but for us.. We were found wanting the fun of bad company 2 or battlefield 3 to return. Time for a revamp? We shall see. Worth a try but not something we will be revisiting anytime soon.
Hi, Welcome, Welcome to the bottom of them all. Yes, Yes that is the smell of heartbreak and ruined dreams. Take a seat on this wooden bench and take a gander at my bank balance history.. Displaying only bad choices and regret.
The list you see before you is the games that really did disappoint us, the ones we took back and sold at a cut-price to a any pre owned store only moments after buying it in full. The ones that the steam customer service team regret even displaying on their site, The ones that your parents bought you for Christmas because they thought ‘it sounded cool’. Don’t judge yourself.. We have all done it.. Just return the game and move on with your life.. No one needs to know. Until you make a list and paste it all over the internet… Awkward.
Anyways here it is.. Enjoy.
Wait.. There is none in this list?
None worth mentioning at least..
Still.. It’s a new year, Let’s see what happens. 
Thanks for reading.
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